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  1. volunteer_watch (@volunteer_watch)
    9. June 2016 @ 11:25

    ” As they don’t have parents, we as volunteers become attachment figures very quickly” a quote from an article advertised of this company. quote from:

    Social start up needs more than the word social in it’s name:
    The company deleted my critical non offensive comments and later the wole post as well as their advertisment. In addition they offer unregulated childcare programs.
    The company and his co-founder spoke at the Socialbar Düsseldorf and shared his vision of a transparent and fair volunteer industry, therefore I have hope that we have similar interests. Generally, I rather do not support childcare programs that are unregulated. Police check are just not enough. VolunteerWorld asked me if I experienced their programs myself? I have not experienced their programs personally and I am sure many of them are great. Still, I can get a good view about some programs they offer by going through their website. Especially the placement I was pointing out concerned me. I already see it critical when I see that a company can advertises with a young volunteer that have a child in their hands. Also her dress in a tempel and as a teacher is inappropriate as well as the fact that she is teaching english and careing for children for a very short time. Also seeing in addition the amount of orphanage programs beeing offered without qualifications or articles about the harm it might cause makes me sceptical. Volunteers can do there: Feeding, teaching and playing with children. I hope in some way that the projects which make it on their page are monitored. But as I understand this is not happenning.

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